Remembering Regan Russell

Join us for a peaceful vigil in honor of vegan activist Regan Russell this Sunday, June 28 at Villanova University

Regan Russell was a beloved activist in Toronto, Ontario, dedicating her life to those who needed her most. She was fiercely committed and would not be silenced by unjust laws, or pressure from mega-industries trying to hide abuses. She had her life taken while offering a moment of comfort to pigs destined for slaughter. We will not be silent either, about injustice, about cruelty, or about her death.

“Regan Russell was run over by a truck transporting pigs to the slaughterhouse. At first, people didn’t distinguish her screams over those of the pigs. For over 40 years this beautiful soul has been fighting not just for animals but for justice on all levels, only last week showing her solidarity with the BLM marchers in Canada. Now Regan has lost her life due to the prejudice and greed of this world. 10,000 innocent lives are taken at that particular slaughterhouse EVERY DAY. Yesterday it was 10,001. RIP Regan Russell. Your death will not be in vain.”
Adam Broomfield-Strawn

This is a really important moment in the history of our movement. Worldwide attention has been focused on this unnecessary and violent human death, directly related to the violent deaths of billions of non-humans each year. Regan was a warrior for the oppressed, and we need to turn this tragedy into energy to keep shining a light on the need for change to our “food” system.

In her memory, and for all those who need our voices, we will gather for a peaceful vigil.

For those who have Facebook, join the event here.

  • When: Sunday, June 28, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Candelighting ceremony at 2 p.m.
  • Where: In front of Villanova University, between Ithan Ave (for those familiar with the area, this is the light across from the stadium) and St. Thomas. There is a long, wide sidewalk. We just need to allow pedestrians and bikers, if any, to pass.
  • What: Please bring a candle, a sign if you wish, and a friend! You can also bring a chair if needed. AND PLEASE WEAR A FACE COVERING! Please also bring a non-perishable, plant-based item, for donation to local food banks. Kids are welcome.

This vigil is for everyone who supports:

  • Peaceful Activism
  • Free Speech, including our right to speak up for those who are oppressed
  • Compassion for living beings
  • Transparency in our food supply

For the vigil that took place at the actual site of her death, which has some wonderful discussions about her life, and some possible suggestions for signs and banners, follow #Vigil4ReganRussell.

Please RSVP just so we have an estimated headcount. Additionally, please forward/post far and wide.

love, MFA PA

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