Pave the way to a Plant-Based PA!

PA Stop Subsidizing This!

Please join Mobilization for Animals PA to help educate others about ethical, health, and environmental issues surrounding the treatment of non-human animals. We will be meeting on the front steps of the Historic Chester County Courthouse (the old historic courthouse, not the new one) at 2 North High St, West Chester, PA on Saturday, August 22nd from 1-3 PM.

The purpose will be to honor the life of slain activist Regan Russel who opposed all forms of oppression and injustice. In her memory, the group’s focus will be animal agribusiness and the reasons why these industries are unethical, unhealthy, and unsustainable. Literature, postcard signing, posters, and a speaker will be used to educate interested folks.

*children welcomed!

love, MFA PA

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