The MFA PA Newsletter: Spring 2020

The first issue of the new MFA PA Newsletter!

While we keep in contact with our members, supporters, friends, and volunteers via good old fashioned emails, phones, postal mailings, and live events, we are always trying to expand our outreach capabilities, online and off. To that end we are happy to announce the new MFA PA Newsletter!

You may have noticed the new connect/newsletter menu and subscription widgets on the website, hinting at the pending changes. Subscription management is always available in any message that you receive, as well as the newsletter’s dedicated page on our site. There you will also be able to find past issues … speaking of …

We are pleased to share our first issue “Spring 2020” which you can see below or in the archives. With all the other news in the world it was released a little under the radar back in May. Thus we waited to make this announcement until everyone had a chance to catch their breath! It has a nice summary of all that MFA PA has been up to these last few crazy months. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Finally, please sign up and share!

love, MFA PA

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